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Perfectly Straight Pure White Pride

Posted in Equality, Pride, racism on July 7, 2015 by theicidalmaniac

If a minority class is constantly shown by the majority that they are undervalued and perhaps even considered less human, then I don’t, and shouldn’t, have the slightest problem with that minority group taking it upon themselves to reinforce, within their community or outside of it, that they, too, are special.

The majority doesn’t need a movement to empower itself; almost by definition it is already empowered. Not to mention the fact that “White Pride” movements, and their homophobic cousins, tend generally to be of a very different nature than the other pride movements. They aren’t about reaching equality, they are about maintaining hegemony and waging propaganda attacks.

I’m not ashamed to be white, so in that sense I suppose I am proud I guess – but it’s really not about being proud of your skin color or sexual compulsions, I don’t think. It’s about being proud that you bravely face the struggle of an unfair and unjust system – a struggle that simply is not associated with Caucasian descent or straightness. So announcing that I am part of a privileged class and that I am proud of it sounds terribly, terribly different than saying that I retain a measure of self-worth despite being a member of a downtrodden demographic.

White pride, straight pride, it’s bullshit,