Hello world!

Hey! My first blog post…just thought I’d give a very brief introduction before I begin posting, for any wayward souls who get lost on the high seas of the interweb and end up here.

Abandon all hope, ye!

I am a former Mormon (formon) who left the church due to glaring logical discrepancies within the church’s central doctrine. In light of the fact that I could see that the church was totally bogus, and that if I could see that then the people running the church DEFINITELY should be able to, it then occurred to me that the smile-faced old men of the church – the “prophet” and the other authorities – were profoundly immoral people; how they could tell people to hold on to their faith, persuade them to cast political votes based on erroneous beliefs, and have the indecency to demand tithing in exchange for heaven and “blessings,” knowing full well that they did not actually talk to god, this was all so disturbing to me.

Thank you for reading the longest sentence I think I’ve ever written, and bookmark me in anticipation of future posts.

Thanks a bil.


One Response to “Hello world!”

  1. Laz's Wench Says:

    Thanks for adding me as an AB friend; although I live in Arkansas (buttcrack of the bible belt, thank you very much) I am not by any means an inbred hillbilly, lol…enjoyed our spate on AB this AM/yesterday evening, have not yet read all the way through your page but am looking forward to doing so. Will be looking forward to having you correct my not necessarily correct assumptions in response to questions and to communicating with you in the future! Peace and blessings, friend!

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